So basically... Starting a blog was the worst and best idea we ever had. Before one direction, we had lives. Now, we have tumblr.


the media: one direction is a terrorist organization lol

1d fans: we understand that it was meant to be a joke but that came off as islamophobic because one of the members is a muslim

the media: we have been ATTACKED by DERANGED HORMONAL teenage girls on SOCIAL MEDIA bc of a HARMLESS joke

Phoenix ~ 16/9



Kristen: Strong female characters need to remain female, or else it’s just like, what’s the point?… (x)

I fucking love you

I like how earlier she mentions that women aren’t necessarily built to be strong, because it doesn’t exclude those who prefer to behave in ways that emphasize physical strength



a good artist knows where to draw the line

Harry Styles steps off of a private plane after touching down in Atlanta this afternoon, October 1, 2014

Anonymous SAID:
Do you think the boys are gonna tour again? (Like for their fourth album)

probably, but if so that will be the last tour in my opinion. usually they announce their tours a year in advance and then sell tix… so if they’re going on tour next year for this album, why haven’t they announced it and why aren’t they selling tix already?


my life is like a bad US version of a really good show made in the UK


college: what are you good at?
me: procrastination
#me in a job interview




Actual photo of me at graduation

"id like to thank all the fuckboys"